How to use Cura software

Let's discover more CURA by DAGOMA

What is Cura by Dagoma?

Cura by DAGOMA is a slicer. The 3D Files (in STL or OBJ) are sliced into small layers to prepare a GCODE. This GCODE is a file that your NEVA 3D printer reads and understands.

How to prepare a file?

The first step is to download a 3D file to your computer. If you are looking for some, please follow this link. 

Then launch ''CURA by DAGOMA'' software. 

You can load/add a 3D file by:

  • using the menu: File > Open an Object > 
  • clicking the button on the top left of the screen
  • Drag & drop any STL or OBJ file onto the NEVA platform

Cura by DAGOMA

On the right side of the screen you find the settings area. Let's have a look:

  • Filament & Temperature.

We have made it as easy as possible for you. You just have to select your PLA brand. If you are not able to find it, please chose ''Other PLA'' where you will be able to adjust the temperature manually.


  • Infill & Density. 

There are 3 options there :
      1. Hollow, means just the walls, no infill
      2. Filling, means strong enough for most of the things you will create (17%)
      3. Reinforced, means super strong (33%) 
      Here is what it's looks like inside:
Cura Neva Filling density

  • Quality, Speed & Layer Thickness. 

When we are talking about quality, we are also talking about time. The thinner the layers are, the more path and route the nozzle will have to use, which take longer to print. Test it out to learn the difference. 

There are again 3 options + 1option for flexible:
    1. Fast, means 0.2mm per layer
      You will print up to 40 mm/s
    2. Standard, means 0.15mm per layer
      You will print up to 35mm/s
    3. Thin, means 0.1mm per layer
      You will print bellow 30 mm/s

    4. Flexible is 0.1mm as well,
      We have also reduced the speed of the print : max 20mm/s

Quality Cura Neva


  • Printing Supports:

    Here is one of the funnest parts. It is of course "impossible" to print in the air. Sounds logical right? To make the impossible possible, you can ask Cura by DAGOMA to create supports for you.
    support Cura Neva

    Let's say I want to print this

    3D shape

    The current selection of settings for ''supports'' is ''NONE''
    As we can see this parts looks challenging
     supports options

    Let's now add some ''Supports'' by clicking on '' Slides touching the build plate'' 

    Supports Touching the build plate touching the build plate

    And now, let's try the 3rd option: "All sides"
    supports all sides support all sides
    As you can see, supports are everywhere. It may be a little bit more challenging to remove it, but it's also safer. 
    1. Last ( but not least ) you can also "improve the adhesion surface" by clicking this button: 

      This will increase the first layer of your print, and make it stick better on the NEVA plate. 
      Don't worry though, it's still easy to remove.
      improve the adhesion surface  without

    How to change, move, or modify my object?

    When you add any 3D shape into Cura by DAGOMA, some buttons + informations appear. To make them available you may click on the object:

    Do not hesitate to try them all! They are all very useful.

    Cura by dagoma - lot of options

    Feel free to check out our YOUTUBE channel , we have made a few videos to explain:


    How to change COLOR?

    Here is the interesting part ( well, one more interesting part )

    Anytime during a print on NEVA, you can PAUSE by pressing the button once, and the printer "pauses" instantly. You can then change the filament color, hide something inside your hollow print, change the filament type...

    With CURA by DAGOMA, you can also anticipate, predict, decide when your NEVA will "pause" and wait for you. 

    To do so, you need to click on the "color change'' button.
    When you click,
     - first your 3D file changes appearance: form a "solid model" to "layers view",
     - and this small ''window" appears:

    color change function

    Then, use the vertical slider to visualize the print, and decide when you want to "pause" it, and click on the "+" button:

    PAUSE - change color

    You can delete a ''pause'' anytime by clicking on the "X" button. 

    The NEVA will wait until you release the print, by clicking on the NEVA button:

    Pause on Youtube:


    How to learn more and go into more settings?

    You think CURA by DAGOMA is not enough? Fine, you can go even deeper. 

    Let me show you the XML file that you can tune and adapt your CURA by DAGOMA to your needs. 

    But first, you need to keep in mind that it is at your own risk, and you can damage your amazing NEVA by doing that.
    Also, please NEVER (oh never) change the Gstart and the Gend. You may not know now why it is important until you change it.