I am here to make your imagination come to life

My technicals specifications

I was designed to make your experience extremely enjoyable and easy to use. 

All my electronic components are located and organized in my 3D printed base.

NEVA anatomy

My special 3-in-1 button

As you can see, I only have one button… but a very convenient one. 

This special button will let you: 

Switch the printer ON/OFF, start a print, and pause a print (a very convenient way to change colors or add a new item in your print)

NEVA one button

My tap tap extruder 
My extruder itself is a work of art. It allows you to insert and remove the filament really easily.
You won’t have to try to push in/pull out filament!

How does it work?
Tap twice on my bed and the filament will self-travel between the extruder and the nozzle. 

NEVA smart filament detection

My end of filament detection 
I cleverly detect the filament end. When I’m out of filament, I pause for you to add a new spool and resume.
Say goodbye to filament waste and air-printing…

My beautiful and robust design
Do not just focus on my beauty, I am also very strong. I have smooth curves and I am 50% 3D printed.
I have a great texture which dress me perfectly.

I am also very robust and I resist shocks.
Made of an entirely 3D printed unibody weighing over 350 grams. Tilt me, and I will still continue to print. 

Neva Strong

My amazing print quality
My print quality is amazing, I am able to print incredibly consistent layers, from 200 microns up to 100 microns.

My high quality stepper motors allow me to print up to 80 mm/sec.

NEVA quality

I have really good vision, my printing surface is wide: 7 inches diameter (18 cm) and 8 inches height (20cm).

NEVA Print Size

My simple software
I never go out without my accessories.
My free slicer (Cura by Dagoma) was conceived for even children and grandma to use.
You only need to enter the print quality, fill rate, and filament type.

The rest of the settings is automatically picked and optimized for you.
Just insert your SD card and export your Gcode on it, and I will make your imagination come true!

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The easy to use NEVA

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You want more?

Do you need help?

If you need help to understand me, to clean me, to tame me,
you will always have a Dago'teammate ready to answer all your questions.
You will never be alone in this incredible adventure!

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