START 3Dprinting with you NEVA

Hello NEVA

In the BOX you will find:

in the box
- one SD card, 
- 6 magnetics arms,
- one Power supply, 
- Alcohol PrePad,
- one Spatula, 
- one Filament Sample
How does the NEVA works ?
* how to charge the filament?


1 - Presents the filament in the extruder. Push it until it is driven by the machine a few inches.
2 - Then wait few seconds, it heating.
3 - She will take care of the filament by itself



* how to prepare a 3D print?


You will need CURA by DAGOMA, you will find it here:
And don't forget, on the SD card, the file name has to be "dagoma0.g"